Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Legacy of an Angel

I want to share a love story with you, not a love of story of adults but rather of a mother and her child.  In January of 2011 a dear friend of mine and her husband were anxiously awaiting the birth of their daughter who would be named Sofia, Sofie for a nickname.  In the early morning hours of January 26th Sofie was born, and what was supposed to be the happiest moment of their lives quickly turned into the most frightful.  Sofie was born with a traumatic brain injury, and many measures were taken to save her life, but unfortunately on February 15th 2011 Sofie gained her angel wings.  Soon after Sofie was born her mother Lori shared her life with many people through Facebook and quickly a community of people from all over the world came together praying, wishing, and hoping for the miracle that Lori, her husband Mike and Sofie needed.  Through her birth many people formed friendships, reconnected with old friends and joined together with the community of people who wanted nothing but a miracle for this family.

After Sofie’s death her parents created Team Sofie Chapter 2 as a way to keep Sofie legacy of love alive.  I have been a proud member of Team Sofie since it began, helping to share the life,love and story of not only this little girl but also of her amazing family.  This year to honor what should have been Sofie’s 3rd birthday her parents have launched the "Find the Love" Project, the 21 day photo project will encourage all participants to take a moment each day focus and find the love that is all around.  Will you help spread Sofie’s message of love?