Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Funnies....

TGIF!!!! To wrap up this week I thought I would share some of the funny things the littles have said recently. Whether in the car or in the bath they always have something to say.

H recently explained how some baby animals eat "Baby reindeer drink from their mothers corks, just like baby cows". I've never heard it explained like that before.

"It wouldn't be cold in the garage if we put a hot air conditioner in there".

One day while flipping channels Z had this to share with me "Mommy you should buy that mascara and look like Lady Gaga".

At dinner recently H said "see these pieces of food? Well they are a little shy about going to my stomach, so is it ok if I just throw them away?"

During a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos H says "I've lost my marbles, where are they?" Ummm I will let you know when I find mine I wanted to say!!!!!

Last night Z says to her Bubby "I'm done with these necklaces, can I put them in your dressing room?"

As the saying goes "from the mouths of babes", kids say the darnedest things!!! What are the funny things you have heard from a child recently? Have a great weekend and remember to enjoy the little things....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WBW....Well Being Wednesday

Process - a systematic series of actions directed to some end.  Also defined as a continuous action, operation, or series of changes taking place in a definite manner.

Journey - a traveling from one place to another, trip or voyage

Process and journey, these are two words that have become a big part of my life this year. Together with six amazing women, I am on a journey towards better health, a journey that will allow me to be here for my children, my family, and my friends for many years to come. As with any journey there was preparation, I had to prepare myself for setbacks, I had to prepare my mind for change, and prepare my house for a path towards healthier eating. As I mentioned above I am not on this journey alone, with me are six other mom's, we all have young children, some of us work and some of us are SAHM's, we each bring our own challenges to the table. We share ideas and support each other in our own journeys.

"It's not the product, its the process". As a teacher this quote applied to my students daily, but now I find it has a new purpose. I am in the process of becoming healthier, the process of setting a good example for my children, the process of becoming a better me. While of course I want the end product to be a healthier, better, stronger (both mentally and physically) wife and mother I must remember it is a process. These things are not going to happen overnight, they take time. It is not about fast and drastic changes, but rather small changes each day or each week that will stay with me for a very long time!!!!

Are you on a journey this year towards a better you? What is your process? Each Wednesday I will be posting my successes, failures, tips and tricks I've encountered that week. I invite you to check out my friend Michele's blog over at Dodging Acorns and link up with her to share your story!!!

Now for the stats:
3/20/13 - 138 lbs
Seeing as this is my first week doing a Well Being Wednesday post I will start posting my weight beginning today, and not from January when this journey first began.

The following statement has been making its way around social media outlets lately and I look at it daily and think about what means and apply it to my day.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Throwback Thursday!!

Shoes shoes glorious shoes, ahhhh how I love thee....I have a lot of shoes, different colors and styles, sneakers and heels, boots and flip flops, fashionable and non necessarily fashionable but comfortable. Comfortable, isn't that what shoes should be?? I know plenty of people who wear shoes that are either too tight or too big, some are too high while some are just good looking.

The shoes that inspired this post aren't fashionable, aren't too tight or too big, in fact they aren't any of the things I mentioned above except comfortable...they are my "Crocs". I love these shoes, I own 3 pairs black, pink and my favorite pair navy blue. Like most of the world I wasn't in love with these shoes when they hit the shelves of mainstream America, but not long after I found out I was pregnant with H, I discovered them. They were the only shoes I could comfortably get on and wear for part of my pregnancy and afterwards!!!! They are great to wear in airport security lines too, no laces to contend with, and can be taken off and put back on without any exertion.

I like these shoes for many reasons besides comfort, I can walk in the ocean water without them becoming heavy with absorbed water, they dry quickly, I can throw them on and run errands, they can be tossed in a bag without taking up much space, and I can wear them when gardening...ok, that last one was a joke but I do know many people who wear them when gardening. Now that I have a bad back my Crocs are surprisingly the only shoes that do not bother it. Why is this, I don't know. All I know is that I am a proud Croc's wearer, and sing their praises to anybody who will listen.

Now I know these shoes aren't exactly a "throwback" and I'm not sure how long something has had to be around to be considered a "throwback", but I thought this may be a good starting off point!!!

I received no compensation, or reimbursement of any kind for writing this, just a Croc's fan.

Friday, March 8, 2013

What TGIF means to me...

TGIF...Thank God (goodness) It's Friday, boy has this term changed for me. At one point these words meant the work week was over and welcome to the weekend. I could hang up my teaching hat (mostly) and be me, I could stay up late watching Leno or SNL, sleep in a little, take it easy...ahhhhh!!

It used to be come Wednesday Mr. O and I would start making plans for the upcoming weekend. Dinner out with friends, catching that great movie we had been wanting to see, maybe heading to Boston for the day. Of course every weekend wasn't this exciting, but we were able to do these things if we so chose.
Fast I'm a stay at home mom and many people would probably say that I don't get the privilege of saying "TGIF" to which I would say "WHAT"!!! Of course I do, my weekends may be very different than they once were, may be a little more child friendly, but I still look forward to each and every Friday!!!

Friday still signals the end of the work week and while I may not be working in the traditional sense, I do work. Friday also means that Mr. O will be home for 2 days which allows us as a family many opportunities and allows myself the chance to get caught up from the week or a chance to steal sometime for myself, who cares if its at Stop & Shop.

Now that the warmer weather (cross fingers) is coming I am excited about the weekends especially!! Neither of the children take naps or rests on the weekend so that means no "we have to get home for Z's nap" or plan our day around it, that leaves the whole day open. We can go on many adventures together. We are looking forward to spending many weekends outside, either playing at the water table, swinging at the playground among many other things. Much different than how our weekends once were....

The weekend is now full of going to the zoo, meeting friends for ice cream, taking a day trip to the aquarium or maybe just staying home and playing "Candyland", which is our new favorite around here!!! Saturdays and Sundays are a time to get laundry caught up (ideally), make those arts and crafts that maybe we didn't get to during the week, maybe for Mr. O and I watching a show that we DVR'd during the week because we were too tired to stay awake. Once and a while it even means the chance for a "date night" and going to dinner at a restaurant we normally wouldn't go to!!!

Whatever the weekend brings, whatever TGIF means to you I hope it is enjoyable, relaxing and most of all fun!!! What does TGIF mean to you? Has it changed in the past few years? Do you still look forward to it?