Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Well Being Wednesday

It looks like spring has finally arrived (for now) here in the Northeast!!! Well, here we are it's Wednesday again time to share the success and failures of the past week also, it is the day that I share this week's weigh - in.  Since I have chosen to only weigh in every other week here you go
                                       4/9/13 - 136.00
                                       4/24/13 - 138.0
That is an increase of 2 lbs since last weighing in, all of which I am sure could be explained by water fun being a girl. 

I have been trying to continue to make healthy choices not only for myself but for my family.  I had one day recently where the candy/snack drawer and I got reintroduced, leftover Easter candy, cookies, gum, etc... and at the end of the day I felt so awful.  Not awful in my mind or guilty for eating it but in my body.  I felt bloated and disgusting, no desire to even eat the dinner I prepared for my family, I did not like feeling like that.  I was doing so well, realizing that a piece of candy or a cookie was all it took to curb my sweet tooth, I don't know what happened that day but I own it.

I have been trying to get on an actual schedule for exercising, emphasis on trying but its not as easy as I thought.  I have been squeezing in exercising when ever I can, even if it is 10 lunges at a time or 15 wall push-ups, it is something.  Recently while using a container of peanut butter (in lieu of weights) my son H came in the room and began laughing, and I don not blame him I'm sure it looked funny but after a chuckle or two he began imitating what I was doing.  My daughter often asks me if we can do yoga, and by them seeing me exercise they are learning a valuable lesson at a young age. A similar thing happened after lunch the other day, I had made a plate of various raw veggies to nibble on and immediately after seeing mine they each asked for a plate of their own, and began munching away.  We have always had a wide assortment of healthy snacks available to them, fruits, veggies, air popped popcorn, organic crackers and the like but seeing they were role modeling my behavior made me again realize how important it is for us to set good examples for the next generation.  Now if I had come in the living room with a cookie or a piece of candy there is no doubt that they would have wanted that, but nope they chose the veggies just like I had.

So share your ups and downs this week by linking up with me at Perfectly Imperfect Mama's and tell us what tips and tricks you have for healthy eating. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Well Being Wednesday

As I write this Well Being Wednesday post my heart is aching for a city that is 45 minutes north of me, for the people who epitomize the phrase "Well Being", the racers of the Boston Marathon and the people of Boston. Marathon Monday is one of the most highly anticipated sporting events in New England and the world, I can't think of any other day besides Red Sox opening day at Fenway that says "spring has arrived". People come from all over the world, each with their own stories of why they are competing, whether it be for purely competitive reasons, to celebrate a dramatic weight loss, or to raise awareness of an organization or cause. These are all great reasons to celebrate, only someone from somewhere who believes whatever tried to take the celebration away from those running, those who were watching family and friends do something amazing, away from all of us runners or not. Forever changing not only an amazing city but changing many people's lives forever.

As someone who has visited this city several times (it's 45 minutes away), has a discussion at least twice a year about moving there, craves the thrill of Fenway Park, the smells, the people, the history, I will never look at Copley Square, Boylston St or the history the same way again...but now that history has forever been changed. Bostonians are tough people, strong people and most importantly resilient people, as a city they will be ok but as individuals they are forever changed.

Personally I love watching coverage of Marathon Monday, I love to see those runners pushing with every ounce of their bodies just to cross the finish line, and I am inspired to be healthier, to be a better person, to just do it. Heck if these people can run 26.2 miles in any weather I can surely do 10 crunches or squats in the comfort of my home. I admire those runners, the folks who are doing something amazing regardless of their abilities.

This is not the original WBW post I had envisioned just like crossing the finish line the way some did wasn't what they envisioned. I was going to talk about my birthday splurge of ice cream cake, how I avoided soda at a party this weekend, how I completed an actual cardio workout yesterday.....not professing my love for Boston. The meaning of WBW is both physical well being and emotional well being, and I guess my emotional well being is what needed to be shared this week.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What a difference a year makes.....or does it

T minus 10 hours, that is all I have left as a 36 year old. Tomorrow marks my 37th birthday (I am writing this on April 10) and it got me thinking about this past year and all I wanted to accomplish and hoped to do. I had hoped to take a vacation, didn't do that; had thought I would have my own car by now, nope; so desperately hoped we would have bought a house and be out of our too small apartment, negative...see where I am going with this? Now before you say "this is all that went wrong", I am going to say no thats not all, those are just the things that popped into my mind at this moment. There's a heck of a lot of other things that I could mention, like Mr.O being in and out of the hospital all summer, the unexpected change to our income that we are still trying to recover from, the fact that maybe I wasn't meant to homeschool....see there are other things I could say. I wish there had been more good things that stood out in my mind about this past year, more trips to the ice cream shop, more rides to the shore, more laughs and less tears. All in all 36 could have been a better year, while I am grateful that I have 2 healthy children, that we have a place to call home and we can put food on our table it has been a rough year.

This week started off amazingly well (see post entitled "How I spent my Saturday night") it gave me hope that 36 was going to end on a high note, but alas it didn't. Over the past several years Mr O and I have had a rough go of it, between illnesses, money problems, car accidents, PPD, among various other situations, and I said to a friend today "seriously, can we just get a bit of a break"?? To which she answered "As I sit here listening to you, I am asking myself why does life give some people so much to handle"? I've often wondered the same thing...if wisdom comes with age then why can't I figure it out?? Why does life, karma, the universe give some people everything at once?? As the conversation went on I was reminded that I have a wonderful group of friends, whom without them to lean on I would be nothing. I have a supportive husband who always listens to my ranting and raving, bitching and crying, laughing and giggling and most importantly supports every decision I make.

So I think I've decided that I am going to face 37 without any expectations, without expecting to go on vacations or getting a new car. Without hoping to move or that all our problems are going to miraculously get better, that all matters concerning finances will disappear. Instead I am going to expect and assume nothing. Negative you may say, not really. I can think about where and what I would like to have happen in the next year, but not set my heart on it as I've done in years past, the disappointment is not worth it. So here's to 37, may it be a year filled with happy days and peaceful nights, a year filled with laughter and love, a year of good times with even better people....and if not I will handle it the best way I know how, lean on my friends, wipe my tears, maybe sulk for a few days then I will pick myself up and look forward to the next day!!!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Well Being Wednesday

Here we are, Well Being Wednesday time to share my successes and failures with you all. First of all lets start with the weigh in:
3/27 - 138.5
4/9 - 136.0

So that's down 1.5 lbs, which is good because for a while I was convinced my scale did not have the ability to display any other numbers!!! I have decided to weigh-in every other week, that way I am hoping my success will have more of an impact on me and be greater.

The last two weeks haven't been very successful in the exercise department. With H having the stomach bug and me taking a nasty fall, I wasn't in any shape to exercise. Combine that with a 3 day long migraine, ugh nothing was moving!!!!

Even though I haven't been losing pounds and toning as much as I would like, I have made some good changes to my life and daily diet. During the past few weeks I have also given in to my love for candy, with Easter and all, but after a couple of days of not caring and eating ALOT of candy I felt gross, healthy food didn't even appeal to me. I knew at that moment I couldn't do that again, I know the way I want to look by the summer and it isn't going to happen by eating candy and sitting on my butt (trust me, I've tried that)!!! The warmer weather seems to have made its appearance in the Northeast, hoping that may be just the push I need to start moving. Either walking, doing yoga with the windows open and maybe even some swinging at the playground with H&Z!!!

I have drastically cut down my soda consumption from 1-2 cans a day to 1-2 cans a week, which is huge for me. I have also cut down on my candy consumption,(excluding that mini binge fest) recently we went to Sweenors (a local candy store) and instead of buying a box of sugary sweets I just bought 1 dark chocolate marshmallow filled egg that I ate over a week later. On the same day hubby offered to buy me a milkshake from Newport Creamery (another local eatery) and I thought he was going to faint when I said "no thanks". I am drinking lots more water than I ever have, even when I was pregnant and eating yogurt just about every day.

I've learned that its ok to have 1 piece of candy and that satisfies my sweet tooth, or if I am really wanting a chocolate bar to have a small piece of dark chocolate and eat it slowly. And who knew that I really do not need dessert every night?? I've become more aware of what I am eating and how much of it I am eating. While I am not seeing the physical changes I want to see I am aware that I am making positive changes, and that is important.

This week I'm happy to announce that along with some other amazing mom's we are launching our new website and blog Perfectly (IM)Perfect Mamas  . We are very excited to embark on the new adventure, and invite you to come over and see what we are all about!!! And while you are there share some of your successes and failures, what changes are you making to be a healthier you?? And please "LIKE" our Facebook page!!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

How I spent my Saturday night....

It is 11:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 6 and myself and 4 other amazing mom bloggers are locked inside a furniture store, have I peaked your interest yet? We are sitting here to raise money for Belle, a two and a half year old who is battling for her life against ALL leukemia. She was diagnosed late in 2012 and and has already endured more than than any child should. Belle has had to have spinal taps, platelet transfusions, chemotherapy, amongst other medical treatments and this will be her life for the next two and a half years. So for the weekend of April 5-7 members of Rhody Bloggers and Rhody Bloggers for Good were holding a "Sit-A-Thon" to raise money in order to help cover her medical expenses.

Over the course of the weekend there were bake sales, face painting, visits from retired Patriots players, and even Santa showed up!!! The raffle prizes were amazing and included gift certificates, paintings, home furnishings, and gift baskets. Throughout the weekend friends were made, stories were shared and tears were shed. This event would not have been possible without the help of La-Z-Boy of Warwick and their amazing staff, the professionals that donated services, or the mutual love that that we all shared for sweet Belle and her family.

Here are a few pictures from the amazing weekend.

This hair clip was created by Kayleigh's Klippes to help support the family

The amazing Belle and the poster that was circulated on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and Instagram

Belle's mom, Melissa accepting the check for $10,000 that was raised this weekend!!!!!!

Some of the Rhody Bloggers who participated in this amazing event this weekend!!!!!!