Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Well Being Wednesday

Here we are, Well Being Wednesday time to share my successes and failures with you all. First of all lets start with the weigh in:
3/27 - 138.5
4/9 - 136.0

So that's down 1.5 lbs, which is good because for a while I was convinced my scale did not have the ability to display any other numbers!!! I have decided to weigh-in every other week, that way I am hoping my success will have more of an impact on me and be greater.

The last two weeks haven't been very successful in the exercise department. With H having the stomach bug and me taking a nasty fall, I wasn't in any shape to exercise. Combine that with a 3 day long migraine, ugh nothing was moving!!!!

Even though I haven't been losing pounds and toning as much as I would like, I have made some good changes to my life and daily diet. During the past few weeks I have also given in to my love for candy, with Easter and all, but after a couple of days of not caring and eating ALOT of candy I felt gross, healthy food didn't even appeal to me. I knew at that moment I couldn't do that again, I know the way I want to look by the summer and it isn't going to happen by eating candy and sitting on my butt (trust me, I've tried that)!!! The warmer weather seems to have made its appearance in the Northeast, hoping that may be just the push I need to start moving. Either walking, doing yoga with the windows open and maybe even some swinging at the playground with H&Z!!!

I have drastically cut down my soda consumption from 1-2 cans a day to 1-2 cans a week, which is huge for me. I have also cut down on my candy consumption,(excluding that mini binge fest) recently we went to Sweenors (a local candy store) and instead of buying a box of sugary sweets I just bought 1 dark chocolate marshmallow filled egg that I ate over a week later. On the same day hubby offered to buy me a milkshake from Newport Creamery (another local eatery) and I thought he was going to faint when I said "no thanks". I am drinking lots more water than I ever have, even when I was pregnant and eating yogurt just about every day.

I've learned that its ok to have 1 piece of candy and that satisfies my sweet tooth, or if I am really wanting a chocolate bar to have a small piece of dark chocolate and eat it slowly. And who knew that I really do not need dessert every night?? I've become more aware of what I am eating and how much of it I am eating. While I am not seeing the physical changes I want to see I am aware that I am making positive changes, and that is important.

This week I'm happy to announce that along with some other amazing mom's we are launching our new website and blog Perfectly (IM)Perfect Mamas  . We are very excited to embark on the new adventure, and invite you to come over and see what we are all about!!! And while you are there share some of your successes and failures, what changes are you making to be a healthier you?? And please "LIKE" our Facebook page!!!!

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  1. Awesome new blog! And keep celebrating each change you make. all the small steps less to big differences!