Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Well Being Wednesday

As I write this Well Being Wednesday post my heart is aching for a city that is 45 minutes north of me, for the people who epitomize the phrase "Well Being", the racers of the Boston Marathon and the people of Boston. Marathon Monday is one of the most highly anticipated sporting events in New England and the world, I can't think of any other day besides Red Sox opening day at Fenway that says "spring has arrived". People come from all over the world, each with their own stories of why they are competing, whether it be for purely competitive reasons, to celebrate a dramatic weight loss, or to raise awareness of an organization or cause. These are all great reasons to celebrate, only someone from somewhere who believes whatever tried to take the celebration away from those running, those who were watching family and friends do something amazing, away from all of us runners or not. Forever changing not only an amazing city but changing many people's lives forever.

As someone who has visited this city several times (it's 45 minutes away), has a discussion at least twice a year about moving there, craves the thrill of Fenway Park, the smells, the people, the history, I will never look at Copley Square, Boylston St or the history the same way again...but now that history has forever been changed. Bostonians are tough people, strong people and most importantly resilient people, as a city they will be ok but as individuals they are forever changed.

Personally I love watching coverage of Marathon Monday, I love to see those runners pushing with every ounce of their bodies just to cross the finish line, and I am inspired to be healthier, to be a better person, to just do it. Heck if these people can run 26.2 miles in any weather I can surely do 10 crunches or squats in the comfort of my home. I admire those runners, the folks who are doing something amazing regardless of their abilities.

This is not the original WBW post I had envisioned just like crossing the finish line the way some did wasn't what they envisioned. I was going to talk about my birthday splurge of ice cream cake, how I avoided soda at a party this weekend, how I completed an actual cardio workout yesterday.....not professing my love for Boston. The meaning of WBW is both physical well being and emotional well being, and I guess my emotional well being is what needed to be shared this week.

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