Friday, March 8, 2013

What TGIF means to me...

TGIF...Thank God (goodness) It's Friday, boy has this term changed for me. At one point these words meant the work week was over and welcome to the weekend. I could hang up my teaching hat (mostly) and be me, I could stay up late watching Leno or SNL, sleep in a little, take it easy...ahhhhh!!

It used to be come Wednesday Mr. O and I would start making plans for the upcoming weekend. Dinner out with friends, catching that great movie we had been wanting to see, maybe heading to Boston for the day. Of course every weekend wasn't this exciting, but we were able to do these things if we so chose.
Fast I'm a stay at home mom and many people would probably say that I don't get the privilege of saying "TGIF" to which I would say "WHAT"!!! Of course I do, my weekends may be very different than they once were, may be a little more child friendly, but I still look forward to each and every Friday!!!

Friday still signals the end of the work week and while I may not be working in the traditional sense, I do work. Friday also means that Mr. O will be home for 2 days which allows us as a family many opportunities and allows myself the chance to get caught up from the week or a chance to steal sometime for myself, who cares if its at Stop & Shop.

Now that the warmer weather (cross fingers) is coming I am excited about the weekends especially!! Neither of the children take naps or rests on the weekend so that means no "we have to get home for Z's nap" or plan our day around it, that leaves the whole day open. We can go on many adventures together. We are looking forward to spending many weekends outside, either playing at the water table, swinging at the playground among many other things. Much different than how our weekends once were....

The weekend is now full of going to the zoo, meeting friends for ice cream, taking a day trip to the aquarium or maybe just staying home and playing "Candyland", which is our new favorite around here!!! Saturdays and Sundays are a time to get laundry caught up (ideally), make those arts and crafts that maybe we didn't get to during the week, maybe for Mr. O and I watching a show that we DVR'd during the week because we were too tired to stay awake. Once and a while it even means the chance for a "date night" and going to dinner at a restaurant we normally wouldn't go to!!!

Whatever the weekend brings, whatever TGIF means to you I hope it is enjoyable, relaxing and most of all fun!!! What does TGIF mean to you? Has it changed in the past few years? Do you still look forward to it?

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  1. So true!!! TGIF for us now means pizza Friday, movies at night, fun with the kids and alternating the chance to sleep in. And for me it means having Mr. Acorns home for a few nights to help with the witching hour fun. I can't wait for the warmer weather this summer now that I have no napping child to worry about!!!!