Friday, September 23, 2011

The Little Things...a brief explination

How many times have we all heard the phrase "it is all about the little things"?  Since becoming a mommy of two young children I have come to believe this statement even more.  Some days are busy and we may not take the time to realize what went well that day....whether it is no line at Starbucks in the morning or realizing you have a $20 bill in your pocket that you forgot about, realizing that these types of things are good may make all the difference in your day.  I will be the first one to say it is not easy to appreciate this, sometimes days later we will realize what is good in our days however trivial it is.  For example, I was recently preparing lunch for my children on a rainy, yucky day.  We had been stuck inside and all going stir crazy, on this particular day I was making grilled cheese for them and as I was getting the butter out I thought "spreadable butter what a complete waste of money, but I love it" and it that moment I realized that was my "little thing" for the morning.  Now, I realize that this is totally crazy, in the great scheme of things but I don't is all about the little things.  That is what I hope to do here point out all the little things that can help get us through the day, week, month or even year.  I will share our family story a little later on, but for now I'm focusing on the little things...

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