Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Well Being Wednesday


Happy Well Being Wednesday!!!!  I am happy to finally report that the scale is not broken; it is not permanently going to display the same 3 numbers forever.  How do I know this for sure?? Because it finally moved….and in the direction I prefer, down.  Last week was not a weigh-in week for me, but I was curious, was there a weight loss, even a small change and I was astounded to see that there was.  Without further ado, let’s get to the stats:

                                                 6/18… 138.5


That’s 3 whole pounds.  I’m not going to claim that I have been eating an only organic diet, or working out for 45 minutes every day or even drinking plenty of water, because I haven’t.  While I have been more aware of what I am putting in my body, and aware of how frequently I have or haven’t been exercising the only thing I can attribute the loss to is a combination of doing the right things for my body.  Was this the jump start I needed?  I hope so; I hope that in 2 weeks there is even more of a weight loss.  I have also begun to see some minor tone and definition in certain areas of my body, I haven’t been as tired lately (granted with 2 children, that’s a relative statement), I have had more energy.  By nature I am very resistant to change, don’t like it and never have.  Perhaps my body is the same way; it just needed some time to realize that there is no other way besides to do things the healthy way???

Now this week is a special week, it is Mr. O’s birthday tomorrow and we are celebrating both tonight and tomorrow night.  Being that it is his birthday he gets to choose the dinner for tonight (yes, 2 separate dinners… to love divorced parents).  For tonight he has chosen a local Italian restaurant.  A favorite of ours, were everything is homemade and you don’t mind waiting an hour for your dinner to arrive.  H & Z helped me to make a cake this morning and we are all looking forward to a yummy dinner and dessert, but I am also looking forward to the leftovers I get to have for lunch tomorrow!!!!!

Now this next part of WBW was one of those moments I could have slapped myself in the forehead for not thinking of earlier.  Many friends and members of PIM have often said they would consider working out in the morning, but not me.  How could I with the children underfoot? Well this morning I woke up and it hit me, DUH after breakfast and a few housekeeping tasks I could put them in a different room with a video and give myself however long I needed…..EUREKA!!!!! Why hadn’t I thought of this sooner?  It worked out so much better than waiting until their rest time in the late afternoon.  I am going to stick with this plan as often as our schedule allows, which should be pretty often. 

What fitness challenges have you faced?  What would be your perfect workout routine?  The same exercise videos or classes every day, or do you vary what you do?


  1. I have found I'm just too lazy to work out. I really need to overcome this affliction.

  2. I need motivation to work out and stick with it!!

  3. Keep it up!! Finding time to workout with the little ones is really hard. I used to wait till I put them to bed, but then I would be exhausted. I found it's a good thing to let them see you workout, explain why exercise is good, and they seem to stay out of your hair a bit more. Aside from tonight fiasco while trying to time my plank and the brotherly brawl ensued. Motherhood...

  4. Awesome!
    One idea my hubby came up with for me, since I had the same problem- finding time to exercise with my kids is take them to the nearest high school football field/ track and put them in the middle with a ball while I walk or run around it! Its awesome because we are all outside and getting fresh air and exercise, and I can keep my eye on them while I get to go at the pace I want! :)