Monday, December 31, 2012

End of the year wrap-up

2012 was definitely a roller coaster ride for us, emotionally, physically, monetarily and in many more ways. 2012 brought us many happy moments, both for us and our friends and family, challenges that we were not ready to face, choices that we were forced to make whether we wanted to or not and of course many "Little Things".
I am of course thankful that our littles H & Z are both happy, healthy, carefree children and overall 2012 was a good year for them. Our oldest little H began Kindergarten (when did he get so big??), made new friends, and was a happy little guy. Our youngest little Z said goodbye to both her pacifier and diapers this year, began taking ballet classes and discovered Hello Kitty!!!
As for Mr. O and I, this year was challenging. Unfortunately the "highlight" of this year was Mr. O's illness and subsequent recovery which thankfully he is now doing well. This year was definitely the epitome of "The Little Things", the smiles of a friendly face late at night in a hospital, the friends and family who took care of H&Z when we were at the hospital, my girlfriends who were there for us morning, noon and night.
While this year was a mix of high's and low's there were many little things that helped us get through the not so easy times.
Of course we are hoping for the continuation of good health for H&Z , good times with our family and friends, traveling a bit and more of The Little Things!!!!
Personally I'm hoping to blog more often, even if its just an outlet to think more like a college educated adult occasionally as opposed to just a SAHM, maybe even connect with other mom bloggers. Some of my girlfriends and I have vowed to make 2013 the year we focus more time to our health and well being to assure that we are here for a long time both for our children and to witness all the little things life has in store for us!!!!
Happy New Year....

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