Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 a year of change!!!

Happy 2013!!! A new year brings with it new opportunity, new chances, new everything. Already this year is changing me, literally!!! Just before Christmas my bestie had said this was the year she was going to get healthy, she wants to be around for a long time, for herself and for her family. Getting back into pre-baby health has been on my radar also, so along with 2 other friends we decided to go on this journey together. So here we are a group of 4 girlfriends supporting each other, laughing, sharing our success and our failures but never judging!!!! We are realistic, we know there are going to be days when exercising or making sensible healthy food choices aren't possible (we are mothers with small children, we HAVE to be flexible) but we also know that the next day is another chance to implement healthy strategies. We also aren't saying that we are running marathons, or striving to be in weight lifting contests, what we are striving for is to be healthy both in body and mind.

I have also decided to start blogging more, at least 2-3 times a week and to build my meager following!!! Now this means I am changing the direction I originally wanted to go with this blog, yes it is still important to me to realize "the simple things" in our lives I also see the need for me to explore more topics. I will make a point of including at least one "simple thing" in each post and occasionally feature them in longer posts.

Today's simple thing has to be my Merrell's, I love these shoes and with their wide treads they make walking on the ice and snow just a bit easier!!!!

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  1. yay!!!!!!! We can do this mama, we're important and we need to remember that ;-)