Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh sleep where are you??

Happy Monday!!!! That's my extent of Monday morning excitement. After a weekend spent partially with friends and partially just hanging out at home with the littles I was very much looking forward to a good sleep (as good as any parent ever gets), HA was I wrong!!!! After watching the Golden Globes with Mr. O while chatting on g-chat with some girlfriends off to bed I went, only to be awake every hour.
Now when I was working I would always have a hard time sleeping on Sunday nights. I would be thinking about which lessons to present, which materials to show children, what special activities were planned for that week, but now I don't have any of that to think about. Perhaps those thoughts have been replaced by thoughts of doing laundry, what to do with the littles this week, who has appointments and such. So today has been filled with water, tea, keeping busy and playing with the littles and hoping for a second wind or a nap!!!
What types of things do you do to assure a restful nights sleep???

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  1. well as you know, I've given up on sleep ha. Not true - Sleepytime Vanilla tea is a huge favorite here to wind me down, turning off the TV and reading in the last bit of awake time, and soon I'm adding journaling to my mix, to let my brain and heart empty itself before I rest, so I'm not dwelling on everything spinning around in there.