Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And so it begins...

Aaaachho, as a mother I instinctively look over to see which child sneezed and see "the eyes" on H. Every parent knows what I mean by "the eyes", the tired, glossed over look that a child has when they are coming down with a cold. This is how our weekend began. Last week Z had the sniffles but thankfully one day and it was over. "It must be the dry air" we said "it had to have been the Christmas tree" we hoped, but when H started with the sneezes we knew it wasn't. So on Saturday with H just sneezing, and in a good mood we went about our day, catching the "Splash" show at our local Jordan's furniture store (an amazing water show set to music, that's free), grabbed some lunch and did a couple other quick errands, including a stop at Target to stock up on tissues and such. By the time we got home in the late afternoon my poor boy was officially sick, into pj's and climbed into my bed where he stayed until mid-morning on Sunday.
When H & Z are sick I usually will give them Tylenol to fight the aches and fever but usually we rely on the Hylands all natural homeopathic line of cold medicines and Delsym to calm the coughs, especially at night. I know there is a lot of controversy over giving children cold medicine, and I agree to over-medicate is not good, but I'm sorry when my children are crying because their noses hurt so much from us wiping it I am going in with something to help their runny noses therefore hopefully stopping any tears.
I also try and keep them away from milk and other dairy products, again I know semi-controversial but in my children it makes them cough more. When they are sick we stick to 100% juices, water and all natural popsicles. If they feel like eating something usually its fair game, if they want waffles for dinner or only fruit, so be it!!!!
Just as adults use handkerchief, so do H & Z, well technically it is a cloth diaper but it works just the same. I stumbled upon this idea one time when they were both sick and going through tissues in record speed, I dug through some if their stuff and voila there they were. By giving them each a cloth as they call them, it allows them to always have it by their side, to use it more than once and especially at night saves Mr. O and I from waking up to sneezing children in our face. At the end of each day I take the dirty, germ filled cloths and throw them in the wash with bleach and they are ready to go again in the morning.
This weekend was the first time H willingly let me put some "Baby Vicks" on him before bed, (partly because he was to tired to argue against it) and combined with sleeping on 2 pillows, he had a much better night on Sunday. Although I forgot to also put it on his feet, yep I said feet...I do not know how this helps a cough but it definitely does.
These tips and tricks combined with lots of cuddles and plenty of Disney Jr assure a quick recovery every time. Now to get the germs out for good before we ride the cold carousel again...too late, Z has another round of the sneezes and coughs. I hope that you and the little ones in your life stay healthy this winter!!!!!
Now for today's little thing....that would have to be Johnson & Johnson's menthol baby bath...who wouldn't want to take a bubble bath, and the fact that it is helping to clear nasal passages is great for children and adults alike!!!!!

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  1. I LOVE that bubble bath! Poor monkeys, hope everyone is feeling better very soon!